Re: Dynamic libraries problem.

Alex Shulgin <>
Fri, 27 Jun 2008 14:16:52 CST
On Jun 26, 10:11 pm, german diago <> wrote:

Hello. I'm trying to implement a plugin system for an application. The
application has two parts: a core dynamic library and an executable.
The application uses the dynamic library to work. With these two
pieces, I can write plugins (in theory), which are dynamic libraries
(.so, using linux platform) . My plugin uses the core library. The
problem is the following. I have an structure like this:

[snipped the code]

When I try to access the plugin (the dynamic library is CORRECTLY
loaded, and LD_LIBRARY_PATH is correctly set) it seems as if the
instance I am accessing from the main program were different from the
instance in which I register the plugin. Can anyone help? Maybe is a
link or order of initialization problem? Thanks for your time. This is
making me crazy.

You might be right--most probably the problem is with your Singleton
class template.

You can try to add something like this:

std::cerr << (void*)this << std::endl;

to methods of PluginsManager class to see if there are actually
multiple instances of it.

Using debugger is another obvious possibility.


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