Re: c++ without free memory

James Kanze <>
Mon, 2 Feb 2009 01:17:54 -0800 (PST)
On Feb 2, 2:08 am, Matthias Buelow <> wrote:

Jung, William wrote:

In theory, with like 2GB of memory, I can write code without free
memory (using delete / free ) right? If it is not commerical
production program.

You can try linking against the Boehm GC library and get
automatic memory management (imho life is too short to break
sweat over explicit memory management for most programs,
especially "small rapid prototype" ones.)

Or big ones. Less philosophically, there are generally
deadlines to be met, and the time you spend solving an already
solved problem is time you don't spend working on something more

In his case, however, I don't know what the problem really is.
He says something about the program running for two days. If
the program runs for two days without its memory image size
increasing, it's not leaking memory. If he has no delete/free,
and he's not using garbage collection, it means that there's no
dynamic allocation to begin with (except maybe in the start up
phase). In which case, garbage collection won't bring him

If, of course, his memory image size is steadily increasing, and
the program is designed to run for days without stopping, he
will, sooner or later, reach the limit. In which case, he has
to solve the problem, one way or another. If the program is
short lived, however, it really depends; in many cases, there's
not much point in explicitly freeing the memory, and in a few
special cases, you explicitly don't want to (most singletons,
for example), in order to avoid potential order of destruction

If the programs have pedogogical motives, of course, the issue
is different; you won't learn how to manage memory in C++ by not
managing it.

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