Re: "Experimenting with a Proposed Standard Drawing Library for the C++ language"

From: (Stefan Ram)
31 Jan 2015 04:38:13 GMT
Christopher Pisz <> writes:

.NET failed with WPF?

  Java failed with AWT, so they replaced it by Swing.
  Now, Swing also has failed. It had to be replaced by JavaFX.

  IIRC, WPF replaces WinForms, so WinForms also had failed.

  It is possible, that WPF and JavaFX will be replaced by
  something else in 5 - 10 years from now, as the history
  given above shows that GUI libraries tend to fail in
  Java-like languages and have to be replaced.

  GUI libraries for Java-like languages - a history of failure.

  However, a GUI library is different from a ?Drawing Library?.

  C++ does not even have means to access directories of the
  file system or sockets via its standard library, which might
  be deemed more important than a drawing library by some.
  Also, a standard GUI interface would be helpful, which would
  include means to draw.

  ?Drawing? is just outputting, while a GUI library also would
  read input from a user.

  We can draw with ASCII-Art for now, or output something like
  SVG or png.

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