Thread-safe reference counts.

"" <>
Wed, 26 Mar 2008 17:50:31 -0700 (PDT)
I have some code where objects are dynamically allocated by some
thread, and then used by multiple threads and freed when they are no
longer needed. I think that reference counting is the most appropriate
way to handle this in my situation.

However, my code currently has a very obvious problem in it. Here is
how I have reference counting implemented for my objects, basically
(sorry about any errors I am typing this here in this message):

=== BEGIN CODE ===

class A {
  A ();
  void AddRef ();
  void Release ();
  ~A ();
  int refs_; // reference count
  pthread_mutex_t mtx_; // protects refs_

// constructor inits reference count to 1
A::A ()

// increment count
void A::AddRef () {
  ++ refs_;

// decrement count, destroying object at 0.
void A::Release () {
  bool deleteme;
  -- _refs;
  deleteme = (_refs == 0);
  // <--- and here is the problem!
  if (deleteme)
    delete this;

=== END CODE ===

The problem is in Release(). There is a short period of time where the
mutex is unlocked but the object is already doomed for destruction; if
another thread calls AddRef() during that time, that other thread now
has a pointer to garbage and doesn't know it.

I can't delete this before unlocking the mutex. There is also a second
problem, where even if, hypothetically speaking, I could do the delete
inside the mutex lock in release, there's still the problem where
another thread may have called AddRef() in the mean time, and it is
blocking on that mutex, and by the time Release() returns if the
reference count had decreased to 0, the object is deleted, the thread
blocking in AddRef() continues, and operates on the object that's
already been deleted.

So I have two questions:

1) I have no specific reason for implementing this all by hand. I am
not completely familiar with boost, though. Is there some boost thread-
safe reference counting thing that I can use to take care of this all
for me?

2) In any case, how can I fix the above problems in my own code? I
can't quite get my head around it, it seems like it's not possible to
do reference counting from "within" the object; that I need some kind
of external "wrapper" around it instead. Also I am unsure about the
logic that I'd need to use to protect against the case where AddRef
blocks on the mutex, Release destroys the object, then AddRef
continues on a deleted object. Really I guess what I said in #1 was
kind of a lie: I certainly wouldn't *mind* not using boost, as I'm
currently not using boost for anything else in this project, and
installing boost on all the development machines is a *minor* hassle
(nothing I can't overcome, but I don't mind implementing this by hand
at this stage in this particular project, at least).


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