Re: thread-safe new and delete

coding junkie <>
Sat, 30 Oct 2010 16:51:08 CST
On Oct 29, 7:12 pm, mpho <> wrote:

How can I implement operators new and delete in a re-entrant and
thread-safe manner? OR are there libraries out there ready for use?
Anyone? Thanks.

I am assuming this question is about guarding a 'new-ed' pointer in a
multi-threading application. If that is the case, the best thing would
be to guard the code section accessing or modifiying the pointer using
a mutex object. Also, whichever thread attempts to delete it should
set the pointer to NULL after deletion, and also check for a NULL
value on the pointer before attempting to delete it.

Sample Pseudo Code-

// lets say MyClass* p_obj is the shared pointer among the threads
  //allocate memory
  p_obj = new MyClass();



   if(p_obj != NULL)
       delete p_obj;
       p_obj = NULL;


Make sure you dont create copies of p_obj to avoid danging pointers.
You could use smart pointers, if you really need to have copies.

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