Re: I just want to lock() - is that so wrong?

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Wed, 26 Mar 2008 18:26:20 GMT
On 2008-03-26 18:24, Zerex71 wrote:

On Mar 26, 10:53 am, ""
<> wrote:

On Mar 26, 10:39 am, Zerex71 <> wrote:

On Mar 26, 10:28 am, wrote:

On Mar 26, 9:09 am, Zerex71 <> wrote:

You know, I tried that, and it didn't work for me. That is similar to
both of the LOCs I have seen in the MSDN and other online examples,
and it still didn't work. I've even tried "lock myLock = new
lock(this)" or lock l<MyClass> or things or that nature. None of it
works. This lock.h, which is part of the MS CLR

Right, which is why it's off-topic here. Ask in a MS newsgroup.

I didn't know we were so tribal about what we could talk about here.

There is no tribality here (well not in this thread, at least ;-).
It's just that, IIUC, your question is about porting from C# to C++/
CLI, which is a different language than C++.

I was asking because locking things, mutexing, etc. and so forth seems
a pretty standard C++ feature, even if by "standard" it is part of
some thing like the STL.

While I'm sure that a lot of people would like to have locks and such in
the standard library (note that STL is part of the standard library) we
are not quite there yet (but will be with the next version of the standard).

My hope was that someone here had the answer rather than jumping on
me for the semantic equivalent of jaywalking.

I had hoped someone who had done this in C++ had the answer.

Even if they had it would not have helped you since (your) lock.h is
part of the .Net library, and thus not C++ (while C++/CLR might suggest
that it is some kind of dialect of C++ is it more like C# with C++ syntax).

More effort has been expending on trying to get me to report than to
actually producing the answer (Lord knows how nerds hate when you put
something in the wrong box).

Had more effort be put on trying google (or MSDN) before posing none of
this would ever have happened. Notice also that Martin York gave you
the answer.

To me, there is nothing *that* off-topic about asking about this
question. Sure, there is the CLR keyword that jumps out, but lock is
part of C++, at least Microsoft's interpretation of it.

First, Microsoft's interpretation of C++ have historically had little to
do with standard C++ (thought they have become much better the last few
years). Second, while adding the letters CLR might seem like a small
thing it makes a large difference, since we are suddenly talking about a
totally different language, which means that your question is not more
topical here than it would be in a Java group.

Erik Wikstr??m

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