Re: I just want to lock() - is that so wrong?

James Kanze <>
Wed, 26 Mar 2008 14:31:10 -0700 (PDT)
On 26 mar, 18:24, Zerex71 <> wrote:

On Mar 26, 10:53 am, ""
<> wrote:

On Mar 26, 10:39 am, Zerex71 <> wrote:

On Mar 26, 10:28 am, wrote:

On Mar 26, 9:09 am, Zerex71 <> wrote:

You know, I tried that, and it didn't work for me.
That is similar to both of the LOCs I have seen in the
MSDN and other online examples, and it still didn't
work. I've even tried "lock myLock = new lock(this)"
or lock l<MyClass> or things or that nature. None of
it works. This lock.h, which is part of the MS CLR

Right, which is why it's off-topic here. Ask in a MS

I didn't know we were so tribal about what we could talk
about here.

There is no tribality here (well not in this thread, at
least ;-). It's just that, IIUC, your question is about
porting from C# to C++/ CLI, which is a different language
than C++.

I was asking because locking things, mutexing, etc. and so
forth seems a pretty standard C++ feature,

Actually, it's not, although it will be with the next release of
the standard.

In the mean time, there's no problem discussing threading issues
in general here (although detailed discussions of a specific
threading interface are better handled in the newgroup for the
system defining the interface), but I've yet to see a threading
issue provoke a compiler error.

If lock is part of your system's interace (not the case on the
systems I use), then you really should ask in a newgroup
specialized for your system. If lock is part of the user code,
then you'll have to show us the declaration---we can't guess it.


To me, there is nothing *that* off-topic about asking about this
question. Sure, there is the CLR keyword that jumps out, but lock is
part of C++, at least Microsoft's interpretation of it.

lock, per se, is not part of C++, in any way, shape or fashion.
Any more than any class I happen to write in C++ is.

That doesn't mean that your question doesn't have C++ related
content. But until we see the declaration of lock, we can't say
anything more.

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