Re: Use of placement new in memory mapped i/o

"mlimber" <>
7 Jul 2006 06:28:49 -0700
Alf P. Steinbach wrote:


C++ FAQ , says the following as application of placement new.
"For example, when your hardware has a memory-mapped I/O timer device,
and you want to place a Clock object at that memory location."
This is making a me again confused

As well it should: hardware is very seldom C++-oriented. Placing a POD
(C-like struct) at some memory address to access memory mapped hardware
is useful, but you don't need placement new for that. A non-POD object
can have "hidden" fields, like a vtable pointer, and also its fields can
be in an unpredictable order; using such an object for memory mapped i/o
is a recipe for disaster.

In short, the example, at <url:>, seems to be
a leftover from some earlier editing, and in addition the 'new' in the
code there should be '::new'.

I still contend that ::new is unnecessary (cf.
If one defines a custom placement new, it is intended to be used (even
if it just forwards to the global new).

Cheers! --M

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