Re: Execution time of code?

Victor Bazarov <>
Thu, 05 Mar 2009 16:20:24 -0500
mlt wrote:

I have some code that implements various seach and sorting algorithms. I
would like to get some kind of time measure for various parts of the
algorithm, like:

public myAlgo() {

   float timer = // start measurement timer
   for (...)
       // do various calculations.


   std::cout << "time spend = " << timer;

   float timer2 = // start measurement timer
   for (...)
       // do some other calculations.

   std::cout << "time2 spend = " << timer2;



Is there some build in function in C++ that is designed for this kind of
purpose? I am also interested in knowing if there exists some
performance measuring framework for this kind of task.

There is 'clock()', but know that it's the last function you actually
want to use to measure the performance of your code. Look into what
your OS provides. Windows has 'QueryPerformanceCounter'. UNIX
undoubtedly has something similar.

Or simply get yourself a profiler. Trust me, your code and your
customers will love you for getting the performance where it should be.

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