Re: Exception Misconceptions: Exceptions are for unrecoverable errors.

From: (tanix)
Sat, 26 Dec 2009 12:35:46 GMT
In article <hh43ed$n8s$>, Branimir Maksimovic <> wrote:

Kaz Kylheku wrote:

On 2009-12-25, Branimir Maksimovic <> wrote:

tanix wrote:

Virtual machines are always slower then real machines....

This is a blanket statement by someone who is obscessed with
machine cycles while his grand piece of work is not even worth
mentioning, I'd say.

Well, I've started and stopped application which controlled Shanghai
airptort back in 1993.

This is inconsistent with the observation that you write bullshit
that we might expect from someone who was /born/ in 1993.

Well, that depends...I was born in 68'.

Let me show you one thing:

Number of nodes: 5855000
Timer: initial randomize: 0.818023
Timer: merge_sort: 5.558880
Timer: randomize after merge: 1.201952
Timer: radix_sort: 2.021901
Timer: randomize after radix: 1.470415
Timer: quick_sort after radix: 3.805699
vnode size : 5855000
Timer: quick_sort nodes by address: 0.730361
Timer: quick_sort: 0.505779
Timer: randomize after quick: 0.911052
cummulative result:
initial randomize: 3.470863
merge: 21.176704 randomize: 5.611846
radix: 8.425690 randomize: 6.397170
quick sort nodes by address: 3.909824 > vector<void*> quick sort then
fill linked list with nodes sorted by address
quick no address sort after radix: 15.180166 > unoptimized linked list,
, nodes are not sorted by address
quick: 2.297783 randomize: 4.075525 > nodes are sorted by address....
7 times faster same algorithm, almost 6 million nodes
Pt count created:999999
qsort:0.06568 > this is cache optimized quick sort of million elements
sort:0.134283 > this is sort from gcc lib
lqsort:0.19908 > this is cache optimized sort of linked list of million
lsort:0.437295 > this is linked list sort from gcc's lib
Pt count:0

Hey, cool. I like that one. Only if I could understand
what it means.

Which virtual machine can perform crucial cache optimizations?

Sorry. I donnow. You just blew my stack!


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