Re: g++ 3.2.2 error - "no matching function for call to A::setResponse(std::wstring)"

"Andre Kostur" <>
Wed, 07 Jun 2006 13:51:41 GMT
On Wed, 07 Jun 2006 06:33:25 -0700, uday.sen wrote:


I am porting a piece of code from VC++ to linux platform. My compiler is
g++ 3.2.2. I am getting following error:

       no matching function for call to A::setResponse(std::wstring)
       candidates are A::setResponse(std::wstring &) ---> This is
indeed the signature

I am using this function as:

      std::wstring A::getXMLStr()
         std::wstring str = /* get a string from XML attribute */ return

      A::setResponse(std::wstring &str)
         this->response = str;


Can anybody please tell me whether this problem is becasue copy
constructor of std::wstring is explicit? Is this problem been fixed in
recent gcc? In that case in which version of gcc this problem is fixed?

gcc isn't broken, VC++ is. You may not bind a temporary to a non-const
reference. The value returned by getXMLStr is a temporary string, and
setResponse takes a non-const reference to string. Looking at the code,
your setResponse doesn't ever try to modify the passed-in value, so it
should take the parameter by const-reference.

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