Re: extract string

"Tom Serface" <>
Sat, 31 Jan 2009 22:49:34 -0800
If you don't need it to be too general, you could do this with a CString and
Find() the first string, then the last and use Mid() to grab the text in
between. You'd have to know the keys though and hand parse it, but it's
pretty simple with the strings:

CString csRFIDOpen = _T("<rfid>");
CString csRFIDClose = _T("</rfid>");
CString csXML = ... the xml string.
CString value;

int start = csXML.Find(csRFIDOpen);
if(start != -1) { // Found it
    start += csRFIDOpen.GetLength(); // Past token
    int end = csXML.Find(csRFIDClose);
    if(end != -1)
        value = csXML.Mid(start , end-start);

Something like that anyway... Obvioulsy, not for complex parsing...


"Andrew Ostry" <> wrote in message

how can i extract string between <rfid> and </rfid> using simple
string functions? (DO NOT USE XML parser)?


the string i need is ABCDEFG.

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