Re: debugging this error message "Object() in java.lang.Object cannot be applied to"

"Andrew Thompson" <>
27 Mar 2007 22:40:13 -0700
On Mar 28, 3:25 pm, "Gavin" <> wrote:


G'day. Please note that starting a post's
subject line with words in '['/']' will cause
them to be hidden in the the GG groups list.
I suggest not to do that, so everyone can see
the entire subject line.

I have a class called Device that instantiates another class DbMoney
in this manner:


  return new DbMoney( money, hardware.getName() );


Object() in java.lang.Object cannot be applied to (my.IMoney,
       return new DbMoney( money, hardware.getName() )

Q) My arguments to the DbMoney constructor match that of its declared
method parameters.

Do they? Your code snippets do not support
that, or more accurately, if we had an SSCCE*,
we could confirm that for ourselves.

..So that can't be the problem. What am I doing
wrong ?

I am not sure, but if you supply an
SSCCE of your current code, that shows
the same compilation error, I might be
able to assist further.

* For more info. on the SSCCE, see..

Andrew T.

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