Re: Java performance

Lew <>
Mon, 05 Nov 2007 09:38:13 -0500
<> wrote:

Thanks all for the responses. The feeling I am getting is that Java
is not very suitable for apps where it needs to interact quite closely
with the machine (such as graphics, device I/O) because of large
runtime overhead of JNI. Can this overhead be circumvented by
compiling Java to native code? Or is it unavoidable for some reason..

I don't know. Jake2 achieves 200+ frames/s. Pretty fast for a Java program, eh?

Does Java suffer from GC pauses anymore(on UP systems), or are they a
thing of the past?


Of course there are GC pauses, but there are a variety of ways to minimize
their impact. The generational collector does a pretty darn good job of
keeping GC pauses to a minimum.

How long does it take to free memory in a non-GC language?

If memory is to be freed, it will take time. We don't notice it if that time
is amortized properly over the program run, as, say, with Java's GC mechanism.

<OT> I am looking for a language that is as close to the metal as C++,
yet has garbage collection, which I think is a better idea than manual
mm. Any ideas? </OT>

I suggest Java.


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