Re: Java program testing

Andrew Thompson <>
Sat, 11 Apr 2009 05:48:14 -0700 (PDT)
On Apr 11, 10:22 pm, "Marek Staniewski" <> wrote:

I would like to give my Java program for testing to some people. But I look
for the ay to avoid that the program is copied and redistributed further.

Only give it to trustworthy people. Either that or
make a crappy program that nobody would want to copy.

Is it possible someway to put the program in some virtual machine and run
the program from any place in internet?

Could it be eventually copied by smoeone?

Yes. Give the bytes to someone on a computer (or via
a connection or other input device) that they control,
and your 'secret' app. is public property.

Or maybe there is some other way to achieve this task?

Make a license agreement, then sue the pants off
anybody that produces a program which emulates
yours too closely.

Even if they obfuscate their ripped program, there
are 'code coverage' (AFAIR) analyzers that reveal
the similarities.

OTOH - if someone wants to steal software, it is often
cheaper, simpler, and produces better code if they have
a crew of people determining the inputs and outputs of
the target program, combined with good designers and

And that is entirely legal AFAIU.

Andrew T.

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