Re: OT: eMotiv Launches Brain API for Developers of EPOC Neuro-Headset

Lew <>
Thu, 21 Feb 2008 00:20:19 -0500
All News wrote:

When a user wears the eMotiv's EPOC neuro-headset on his head, the
brain signals are immediately picked up by the machine. It's primary
use is for games; however, hackers/developers are launching
applications to remotely control computer, tv, lights, phone, radio,
car, robots, or just about any electronic device with the EPOC.

The applications developer is able to utilize the Brain API which
gives unparalled access to a user's brain. The API is subdivided into
3 "packages" or suites:

1) The Affectiv(tm) suite measures discreet emotional states.


Respectful of privacy or secrecy; quiet; diplomatic
Not drawing attention, anger or challenge; inconspicuous.


2) The Cognitiv(tm) suite detects conscious thoughts.

Tchya, right!

3) The Expressiv(tm) suite can identify facial expressions in real-time.


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