Re: Chrome for Android does not support JAVA

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Thu, 16 Feb 2012 21:23:25 -0500
On 2/15/2012 9:21 PM, Rajiv Gupta wrote:

On 2012-02-15 23:50:04 +1100, Richard Maher said:

Is anyone else gutted that the Chrome browser on Android will not
support JAVA, Flash or any other pluggin?

I thought Google and Android were big on JAVA?

Android uses the Dalvik VM, ostensibly to take advantage of the CPU
architectures of the devices commonly used in mobile devices. For Google
it also provides a convient firewall to keep out unwanted code from
their eco system.

Given that they provide free tools to generate code for Dalvik, then
they do not really keep anyone out.

Flash is no longer necessary since HTML5.

If you can live with 30% of web users not seeing your stuff.

The same goes for Java Applets. It has been a long time since applets
have been useful. I recommend that people disable Java in their
browsers. It is just a security risk and a way to waste memory.


On a page that does not use applets, then Java will not be running and
therefor not e using memory.

On a page that does use applets, then Java will consume memory but also
be needed.

So I do not understand that advice.

canvas and websockets and JS can do anything that you could do in Java
in a browser.

For web then Java applets is still more widely supported than HTML5.

As for Android. It is in my opinion a fiendishly clever honeypot aiding
Google in collecting the identities of as many people in the world as
they can.

That problem is solvable:


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