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Why would use of the word "begin" garble a post in OE?

When the first line is

    begin WORD

(where WORD could be almost anything), OE assumes the post is uuencoded.

That *is* silly. It should have to say "begin UUE",

That is not how the uuencode standard was define 20-30 years ago.

                                                    and even then it
should obviously try to decode it, and render it as plain text if this
fails. Apparently it doesn't do that either. I suppose it also doesn't
bother checking the headers for the mime-type or whatever info is
really supposed to differentiate text from binaries and decide whether
to even look for any encoding scheme...

Uuencode is many years older than MIME.

Most apps sending uuencode would not use MIME, because
MIME goes hand in hand with uuencodes replacement base64.

Outlook is far from perfect though, because an uuencode attachement
should be "begin" + space + 3 octal digits + space + filename.

It should not try and decode anything starting with begin. But
apparently it does.


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