Re: Great SWT Program

Lars Enderin <>
Sat, 22 Sep 2007 19:16:01 GMT
<> skrev:

On Sep 21, 9:07 pm, Arne VajhHj <> wrote: wrote:

On Sep 16, 9:41 pm, Arne VajhHj <> wrote: wrote:

On Sep 16, 8:19 pm, Arne VajhHj <> wrote:
[snip false insults]
I hate to sound like "Ed" here but: Fuck off. :P

[snip repetitious BS]

[repeats it again]

I snipped it for a reason, jackass! I don't *want* your nasty
implications about me being repeated. In fact you can take all the
nasty things you believe about me and shove them up your ass! :P

Now go away and leave me alone.

There were no nasty implications by Arne. As regards uuencode and
Outlook, the following quote is from Wikipedia:


Microsoft's E-mail-program Outlook Express once contained a flaw that it
also accepts "begin ..." as start of UUEncoded attachments (i.e., not
requiring octal encoded UNIX-style permissions). Especially in Usenet,
where MIME is seldom used[citation needed] and plain text is preferred,
some people would embed begin, space, space in their messages in order
to maliciously hide the rest of the message from Outlook Express users
(e.g., they configure their news-client to quote starting with the line
"begin quote from xxx")

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