A independant pile for communication

Olve <Olve@nowhere.wd.invalid>
Wed, 30 May 2012 08:18:01 +0200
Dear all,

   I'm trying to have a main class that has an Automaton. This one works
and studies a problem: that may take a very long time. This automaton
has a Communicator with Javascript reduced to a minimum. In short:
public class Communicator{
  JSObject derivedInnerHTML;

  public Communicator (JSObject win){
    this.derivedInnerHTML = (JSObject)

  public void CommDerived(String quoi){
    derivedInnerHTML.setMember("innerHTML", quoi);

  public void CommPlusDerived(String quoi){
derivedInnerHTML.getMember("innerHTML") + quoi);
And many other things of the same flavor.

   I would like this communicator to be on another Thread that would
behave like a pile ... In the automaton I would write sleep(100)
regularly, and that would do the trick.
   All my trials amounted finally to nothing :(

   I could create a pile of message, create a Thread and have this pile
being read and displayed in run() with a wait() if the pile is empty and
a notifyAll() when the pile is fed.
   I'm just wondering whether there is a simpler or more usual way to
address this issue.
   Many thanks in advance!

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