Re: Runs in Eclipse, Not in .jar ??

"Daniel Pitts" <>
3 Nov 2006 15:26:54 -0800
<> wrote:

I made a math program as a project for my Java class, but I've suddenly
run into problems. The program runs perfectly in Eclipse, but when I
export it as a .jar, the program will run almost perfectly, but not
quite; there are some math problems that aren't displayed. I've used
both Eclipse's .jar exporter and the fatjar plugin, but both produce
.jar's with the same problem. Does anyone know what is wrong? I
appreciate any help.

You can download the programs .jar w/source code at:

The specific math problems that aren't working are the Surface Area and
Volume: Rectangular Rectangle, Right Circular Cylinder, and Right

This isn't a case with jar's inside of jar's.

I've tried the eclipse.exe -clean command already.

I've uninstalled and then reinstalled the Java 5.0 JDK already.

Without spending the time to download your jar (try using an sscce, my guess is that you might be
accessing properties on UI components outside of the EDT. The swing
spec has some specifics about threading that many people don't fully
understand. Threads and Swing is a good place to start

If you aren't using the EDT the way you're supposed to, you get
concurrency problems which can manifest in undefined behaviour.

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