Re: Please Help with compiling?

Dale King <>
Wed, 02 Aug 2006 15:05:11 -0400
Andrew Thompson wrote: wrote:

I was just wondering if anyone could help me.
I am new to this java stuff. I have downloaded netbeans and I am
currently trying to compile this file into a web applet.

I suggest you put NetBeans aside until you
have done a few command line applications.
Perhaps an HelloWorld, a few dealing with
some of the Java core concepts, and packages.

Then, once you feel comfortable with working
from the command line, transfer those skills into
NetBeans and make a few more console apps,
as you become used to the way the IDE operates.

I couldn't agree *less*! I do agree with putting aside NetBeans. But
definitely not adding all the complexity of the command line. And
packages with the command line tools almost always confuse newbies
(witness the "Help with Java Packages" thread shortly after this one
where the newbie had trouble with packages and the command line tool).

My suggestion is to use a tool like BlueJ ( which is
designed as a teaching tool. Then once you are comfortable with Java the
language, then learn the command line tools. Trying to learn the command
line tools without learning the basic concepts is a lesson in frustration.

If you later want to move to NetBeans there is a NetBeans BlueJ edition
which is designed to ease the migration from BlueJ to NetBeans.

  Dale King

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