Re: Popular and common IDE used to compile Java

"Andrew Thompson" <>
27 Aug 2006 20:07:11 -0700
Amanda wrote:

Would anyone recommend me which IDE to use for Java applications?

No. Or rather, other people might, but I would recommend
not using an IDE until you gain confidence with Java. Because*..

I have used JCreator when taking Java class a few years ago. Now, I am
reviewing Java stuff and plan to join a project that my friend will be
doing for his brother's business (business already establishe -
turning it into online).

Web-services huh? Will you be using J2EE (web-services)
for this site?

What are the strneght and weakness of different IDE out there such as
netbeans, eclipse, bluej, etc.

* An IDE can make complex things simple, but beware that
if you do not understand what the IDE is doing, the IDE will
end up doing something that
 - fails..
 - in a way you don't understand and ..
 - cannot correct.

Which IDE are mostly used by current Java programmers in industry?

....hmm. But if you insist upon pursuing the 'most used' IDE..
I cannot speak directly for industry (the one commercial job
I had, involved a lot of developers that were supposed to use
JBuilder, but could also use Eclipse if they wanted), but instead
I'll make a slightly different suggestion.

The 'best' IDE for someone asking here is the one that most
people *contributing* to these groups use, for the simple reason
that if you ask a question about an IDE nobody uses, it is
less likely to get an answer. ON that simple basis, here
are the number of hits for some of the major IDE's over
the last year of posts across the* groups.

Hits for last year on c.l.j.* groups
Eclipse 3,250
NetBeans 912
JBuilder 136
BlueJ 53
JCreator 42

The most frequent hit, by far, is Eclipse.

Andrew T.

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