Re: NetBeans 5.0 & Perforce Versioning Manager

"Karl Uppiano" <>
Mon, 28 Aug 2006 01:01:03 GMT
"ozgwei" <> wrote in message

Hi all,

Has anyone had the experience of working with Perforce in NetBeans 5.0?

I have installed the Perforce module and done the configuration.

However, every file is "local" (whatever it means) and "r/o". How can I
"open for edit"? What do the other menu items in the Perforce menu do?
Such as "Add" & "Submit"? My Perforce menu has only "Refresh", "Sync",
"Add" and "Submit" and the files are all labelled as "local" and
directories are "have".

Thanks in advance.

Well, I put a watch on this message, because I am having a similar problem.
So far, no one else has posted.

The Perforce plug-in is out of date for NetBeans 5.0, and I have not found
another one anywhere. NetBeans seems to be most interested in tight
integration with CVS. The company I work for switched from CVS to Perforce,
and I have not been able to get it to work with NetBeans at all. That choice
was certainly not a productivity enhancer for me.

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