Re: NetBeans 5.5 debugging, can't see values of local variables

Lew <>
Thu, 04 Jan 2007 00:14:19 -0500
<> wrote:

When I debug I can't see values of local variables, There is a message
though "Variable information is not available, source compiled without
-g options" But in the properties of the project
Build\Compiling\Additional Compiler Options I entered -g. What do I do
wrong? How to make debugger see local variables?

If you look just above the "Additional Compiler Options" box in the "Project
Propeties" dialog, "Build/Compiling" option, you will note two checkboxes. The
first is labeled "Generate Debugging Info". The box labeled "Additional
Compiler Options" is for *additional* options, that means in addition to the
two specified by the checkboxes.

Personally, I always check both. Under Netbeans I never have a reason to run
without "-g" nor to use deprecated APIs. I almost never use the additional
options. I do have one long-running server process on which I specify
"-server", and I am experimenting in that project with various "-XX"
garbage-collection options.

- Lew

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