Re: Giving an application a window icon in a sensible way

"Oliver Wong" <>
Wed, 22 Nov 2006 10:10:39 -0500
"Thomas Kellerer" <> wrote in message

On 22.11.2006 04:52 Twisted wrote:

Thomas Kellerer wrote:

Twisted wrote on 21.11.2006 15:27:

Thomas Kellerer wrote:

Hmm. Netbeans does that automatically for me. I have all my resource
in my Java
source directory (gif, properties, xml and txt files).

Beans, net or otherwise, are outside my scope at least right now.

NetBeans is an IDE just like Eclipse...

Aren't beans a RAD tool? I'm allergic to RAD tools. RAD tools are
considered harmful. You probably shouldn't use RAD tools anymore -- I
think you've already taken a possibly-lethal RAD dose to the

I'm *not* talking about RAD, I'm talking about how an IDE can actually
support what you want to do. And I'm sure Eclipse can do the same.

    More explicitly, beans and NetBeans are not the same thing. It sounds
like Twisted is thinking of Beans where Thomas is talking about NetBeans.

    - Oliver

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