Re: Suggestion for the choice of IDE

"Andrew Thompson" <>
21 Jan 2007 20:28:13 -0800
AnetaKvel wrote:

I'm a final year information technology student and i am currently
developing a project in java (as part of my curriculum). I'm using
the open editor notepad to code my project .

Huh? Do you mean the Windows 'Notepad'?
Does your editor have syntax highlighting for

TextPad (for Windows) will add keyword highlighting,
and allow you to compile and launch from within

...I would like to know what
IDE will suit the development.

That depends a great deal on what the project entails,
as well as you personally - your likes and dislikes, your
coding habits.

...One among my classmates suggested about
the Eclipse IDE, but I would like to have a suggestion about the choice
of IDE.

Eclipse is great, if you need JDPA debugging support
and 'auto-complete' for code (+ a slew of other more
advanced things).

OTOH - I would recommend you avoid really powerful
and advanced IDE's in the early stages, and use TextPad
for your most basic needs, and *Ant* for building and
launching more complicated code (TextPad for editing).

The beauty of Ant scripts is that they can be 'imported'
into most modern IDE's later, once you migrate to them
(whether it is Eclipse, NetBeans, whatever..).

Andrew T.

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