Re: Suggestion for the choice of IDE

"Andrew Thompson" <>
21 Jan 2007 21:51:26 -0800
AnetaKvel wrote:

I want an IDE environment to organize my codes so that the integration
of the modules that is developed individually at the final stage would
be easier.

I feel 'ant' is the best tool for that immediate job.
It can be run from the command line, and anyone
who is using Eclipse, NetBeans etc., should also
be able to get a project up and running from an
ant build script, in a matter of 'moments'.

...So it does not bother whether the IDE would have auto
complete and debugging facility. The project is fairly large as my
teammate and I are ...

I understand the sentence up to that point..

...trying to produce the project outputs similar as an

...but I do not understand this last part.
First, I am not entirely clear what you mean by
'Application', what is it that you and your teammate
are programming? (e.g. A desktop based banking
application?, a web-based travel bookings application?)

Then, I am not sure what 'project outputs similar'
means. Do you mean you need to see the same results
as each other on remote PC's? Same results to
an actual web-server as it might be deployed?


Note also, that you can add commands to the
TextPad 'Tools' menu, so you could probably
configure it to invoke targets within *ant* scripts,
with a keyboard shortcut..

..I'm ignorant about this editor .it is a freeware or

It *was* unlimited time shareware. I have an ..old
version that is fine for my needs.

I would like to know where to download it.

Well, I could give you the fish, but instead I
will offer the fishing line..


Andrew T.

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