Re: Advice on learning Java

Mark Space <>
Mon, 16 Apr 2007 20:53:33 GMT
Lee wrote:

I'm looking for some helpful comments on the relative merits of free (as
in beer) on line tutorials, or recommendation to good Java books
(not necesarily free books but cost is a consideration)

Oliver's advice is good. The online tutorials are free, and immediately
available. You might as well start there.

I had a similar experience starting Java as your own. Good C
programmer, bad C++ programmer. Although I'd managed to miss actually
writing Fortran production code, and punch cards too.

Here's what worked for me:

1. Read O'Reilly's _Learning Java_. I've looked at _Head First Java_ a
couple of times as it sits on the bookstore shelf. The book seems a
little thin to me, and doesn't cover much for the number of trees it
kills. _Learning Java_ is a little harder to read but more useful in
the long run. Along with the online tutorial, Google searches and the
language reference, you can get most anything done.

Do some small projects with the command line. Make sure to attempt at
least two small projects using Swing and AWT.

2. After trying out some command line versions of your code, get
NetBeans and try it out. Java can really benefit from an IDE, unlike C
and C++ where an IDE mostly exists to obfuscate the actual build
process. The advantages of the IDE won't be fully apparent at first,
but at least learn the basics.

3. Download the Matisse plug-in for NetBeans. Matisse is a GUI builder
for Swing and AWT. Read the Matisse tutorials, and re-implement your
simple Swing and AWT projects from step one. The OO light should go on
and a sign reading "I GROK JAVA!!" should appear over your head. A lot
of questions I personally had regarding "but why go around your elbow to
get from your thumb to your little finger" about Java and the way stuff
is implement suddenly made sense when a productivity enhancing tool is

Good luck!

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