Re: Advice needed for a newbie

Mark Space <>
Fri, 07 Dec 2007 12:37:02 -0800
Atreju wrote:

1. I want the actual design of forms, controls, etc. to be one of the
priorities... in terms of time setting things up and ease of

What kind of forms? Swing? Web? Something else? This is kind of a big

2. I want something that is intuitive to work with; for example: in VB
I double-click on a button on a form, and it takes me to that button's
click event in the code window. I can also, in the code window, select

Most IDEs for Java will do this to an extent, but it does depend on what
the button actually is. NetBeans plus some plug-ins (JMaki) will do
nicely for web forms. Most anything will handle standard Swing
components this way. I think Eclipse would probably be better for SWT.

General advice: learn the language itself first. Learning Java by
O'Reilly is good. The Sun tutorials are good. The Javapassion website
has intro projects that you can do as well as slides organized into
lessons. I'd start with those three.

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