Re: Java editor

Joshua Cranmer <>
Sun, 17 Jun 2007 16:11:28 GMT
<Q2ddi.2741$Sm5.45@trndny04> wrote:

Hi. I was just wondering if someone can recommend a Java editor for
me. I'm looking for something that supports automatic indentation.

Vim and Emacs can both do that, but are tricky if you're new to them. (I
don't use emacs, but the vitutor tool gets up to basics quickly and
learning advanced features doesn't take so long).

As for GUI editors, the best IDEs seem to be Eclipse and NetBeans in
some order (potential flame war there). I've used both jEdit and
JCreator LE as well, and found them satisfactory (jEdit is my preferred
editor on Windows machines, although it needs a lot of plugins to be
useful). I have also used BlueJ, JGrasp, and RealJ in the past, and
found them not satisfactory -- the last one seems to no longer exist,
the first one is impossible to use for anything mildly complex (e.g.,
packages). JGrasp has had one or two recommendations, but I would stay
away from it as it is rather unintuitive and can easily drive you crazy.

I don't know how many of those support automatic indentation, but the
first four -- vim, emacs, Eclipse, and Netbeans -- definitely support
out, although they might need simple configuration.

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