Re: Java editor

Lew <lew@lewscanon.nospam>
Mon, 18 Jun 2007 18:39:14 -0400
Twisted wrote:

On Jun 18, 7:31 am, Olle <> wrote:

As for GUI editors, the best IDEs seem to be Eclipse and NetBeans in
some order (potential flame war there).

True if and only if you add the word "free" before IDE... anybody sensible will do, since paying substantially more for
anything than its marginal cost of reproduction is both inefficient
and dumb, and invariably helps perpetuate some evil monopoly or
another by directly subsidizing it.

Unless you are paying for value over and above that provided by free or
cheaper alternatives.

The beauty of the Invisible Hand is that it tends to balance the supply and
demand equations. Value is a perceived attribute, and those with the means
and desire to obtain that value will pay for it, even to a degree
substantially higher than the reproduction cost. This supports no monopolies
necessarily, evil or otherwise; a free market economy tends to spawn

Case in point: Some brands of perfume reputedly do not sell well until their
price is raised to a point that achieves marketing credibility.

Case in point: The high sales of CDs, DVDs and the like for movies and games.

Economics is a social science, and reason and emotion both play a part.


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