Re: please help me in creating a form using Swing.

Lew <>
Sat, 11 Aug 2007 12:31:24 -0400
boris wrote:

I am creating a form using swing through coding (not using netbeans).
Now in the form I have one JComboBox
of Country and other of State. Now I want it in such a way that when
I select a country from the Country JComboBox ,the corresponding
automatically appears in the State JComboBox. Please help.
I hope I've put up my query clearly.
Still learning java!!:)
 I am posting here a part of my coding related to my problem.

What you are doing is multi-posting, placing the same message independently in
different newsgroups. You were getting answers in the clj.gui newsgroup eight
hours earlier; you really shouldn't start the same thread over in

What did you think that would do? You have a large overlap in people reading
both newsgroups, so folks will have already seen that you asked the question,
and that someone is trying to help you answer it. It comes across as
unfriendly, at best, that you would abandon the helpful thread and start it over.

You probably want an event listener on the Country combo that updates the
model for the State combo followed by an appropriate Swing update call on the EDT.


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