Re: help needed in IBM Websphere

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Mon, 20 Aug 2007 09:43:24 GMT
rishi wrote:

hi everyone...
i using IBM Websphere studio application developer v 5.1.2. to
some java projects. but i m not able to debug them. can someone
explain me how to debug a .class file made in the above tool?

These groups are very good for getting help with the Java
programming language itself, but not so good for help
with IDE's or editors used to develop Java.

Most people would probably suggest you change over
to using the X/Y/ or Z IDE they use, where they can tell
you how to do that (Eclipse is the current favorite, with
NetBeans a close second - by my way of seeing it).

For help specific to an IDE, there are often more
specific forums. For Websphere, you might try
looking here..

Note also that to get best help, it pays to help the
reader to quickly 'scan' the text of your message or
question. To help the reader, always use an Upper
Case letter at the start of every sentence, as well as
*any* time you use the word 'I'.

One thing to avoid when asking for help is..

..Please help me.

..comments like this. They do not encourage people to
help you. If they know the answer - they will be likely to
post it, with or without a plea for help - but comments like
that make you sound 'needy' and many people resist
getting into conversations with needy people.

Andrew Thompson

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