Re: Help Me Get started

Mark Space <>
Wed, 06 Feb 2008 23:44:13 -0800
<kFyqj.7339$> wrote:

Hi, I'm new to java and would like to know more about the language
especially in connection with lunux and unix.I'd appreciate any help

_Learning Java_ by O'Reilly is a good start. Learning Java also covers
enough advanced material to keep the book as a reference for a long
time. Be sure to get the latest edition (third I think).

Also the online tutorial from Sun provides good information. I don't
find it as well organized as Learning Java, but it provides an excellent
way to get information and examples on nearly any subject you might need.

Along with the tutorial, the API reference is indispensable. Look up
classes with Google by appending " se 6" (with spaces) to the class name.

Finally, I like the site. It's maintained by a Sun
employee and researcher, and is an excellent resource for getting
started on many subjects. I found the intro to Java course useful. It
was very remedial in many ways, but the exercises writing code were good
reinforcement, and the organization of the course was better than
anything I could have come up with on my own. I managed to learn
something almost every class, even if it was just some productivity
quirk of NetBeans.

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