Re: Netbeans query

Nigel Wade <>
Fri, 05 Oct 2007 16:46:54 +0100
Lew wrote:

Nigel Wade wrote:

That's only if you want to create a project. If you want to browse the
filesystem to open a file of any type, anywhere on the fileystem, you use

Lew wrote:

Huh. I've never used "Favorites" (as it's called on my installation of
NetBeans 6) for that purpose. I've just used the "File" menu "Open File
..." command. You learn something new every day.

FWIW, it took me a while to find "Select from Favorites" after I read
your post. In certain views that option is disabled. (I had to
highlight a project before the option enabled itself.) "File Open ..."
just sort of leaps out at me and doesn't have unguessable rules for when
it's enabled.

The "Favorites" window invoker itself is easier to find, in the "Windows" menu
pad. I don't know what the "Select from Favorites" command is all about, nor
why the "Favorites" window is called that and not "Filesystem" or something
obvious like that.

Presumably all part of the inexorable drift towards the lowest common
denominator, Windows. Quite why Microsoft chose to use Favorites in IE to mean
bookmarks I don't know, probably because bookmarks imply books and reading, an
intellectual level they thought above the majority of its users.

Plus "Favorites" opens up this whole window. I suppose that's useful if you
want to stay inside the IDE instead of flipping to a file browser, but my own
personal taste runs to the "File / Open File" approach. I use the IDE for
development projects, and not as a general-purpose file system browser. If
I'm opening a file from the IDE, it's because it's source.

Neither do I. I was simply answering the OPs question as to the equivalent
operation of "mount a filesystem" in the current Netbeans. Actually, being able
to browse a directory within the IDE does prove convenient at times. The Java
filesystem browser, which you get when you choose Open File, does annoy me.

Truth to tell, to open individual files outside a project, I use emacs almost
always. NetBeans just doesn't feel like a single-file editor to me.

I agree. There are so many better file editors around. Personally I use nedit,
or gedit or kate or vi or... just about anything but Eclipse or Netbeans.

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