Re: Java Editor with Auto-complete.

Lew <>
Sat, 13 Oct 2007 13:16:18 -0400
Daniel Pitts wrote:

If they "force" you do write your code in a particular way, then its
probably the right way to do it. Otherwise I couldn't see them forcing it.

Eclipse, NetBeans, and I'm betting all the other IDEs mentioned, sport
customizable warning and error levels, and style guidelines. Eclipse has
exceptionally fine-grained control over such things. I'm not sure about the
others, but NetBeans lets you edit its source templates ad lib. For example,
my application and servlet templates include the logging aspect. Thus, when I
create a new source file, that aspect is already limned.

All the IDEs default to one set of guidelines or another, conforming to
generally-accepted conventions and best practices.

riva said:

I learned about the IDE's like Netbeans and Eclipse,
but they are too much ``feature-rich'' for my use.

Complaining that an IDE, particularly an open-source one, gives you "too much"
power is like a lottery winner complaining that the jackpot was too big. Get
over it.


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