Re: Java Editor with Auto-complete.

Lew <>
Sun, 14 Oct 2007 22:45:00 -0400
Lew wrote,

Complaining that an IDE, particularly an open-source one, gives you "too much"
power is like a lottery winner complaining that the jackpot was too big. Get
over it.

Roedy Green wrote:

Ah ha! you are the guy who designs cellphones with featuritis so that
if you miskey it takes 20 minutes to get the phone back to a state
where it can make a phone call.

Actually, I designed a cell phone with only three buttons for an interview.
The main design decision was to focus on making phone calls, and forgo
cameras, audio, text messaging and the like. I also made an effort to make it
usable without looking at it, figuring that would help drivers who make phone
calls not to have accidents.

So, I cry "Foul!' on that particular accusation. (Just your luck that you'd
pick an analogy for which I have a specific counter-example, eh?)

I think NetBeans comes close to the ideal you describe. Its basic features
are like most any IDE, enough so that one can get into it quite quickly, a
matter of minutes, really.

Later as one develops the need for more variations on the defaults, NetBeans
makes it fairly easy to explore the available options.


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