Re: Seeking a simple java code generator for database CRUD web applications

Lew <>
Wed, 21 May 2008 23:33:50 -0400
jmDesktop wrote:

I think frameworks and IDEs are making me dumb, but if I worked on a
text editor long enough and built enough sites, then I'd end up
building frameworks and IDEs so that I wouldn't keep re-inventing the
wheel. Yet, I cannot help but hate being shielded from the nuts and
bolts so much. I end up feeling like someone else is the "real"

As long as you get to cash a real paycheck for your work. Engineering
disciplines, like all the arts, can be mastered but never perfected. More
than one mentor has agreed with one of my former bosses: If you aren't
spending at least 20% again as much work time into studying the craft, you are
losing ground. It blows my mind when I see these packages written by the true
geniuses of the field. I'm glad they're there - it makes my job so much
easier to have an Eclipse / NetBeans pumping a Tomcat / Glassfish / Geronimo /
JBoss using a JPA layer to talk to a Postgres so a JSF library (conveniently
dragon dropped in NetBeans) can show something to my client who will pay me
for it.

If you can achieve virtuosity while still being a beginner, you will achieve
mastery. The most amazing musicians I know are always talking about what
they're learning and how hard it is and how they wish they could really
perform the music properly.


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