Re: Seeking computer-programming job (Sunnyvale, CA)

Lew <>
Sat, 16 May 2009 12:46:34 -0400
Seamus MacRae wrote:

Now I'm confused. Which windowed program were we discussing? Not the
text editor, which predates Windows 1.0 by more than a decade. SLIME? I
thought someone said it was a script in the editor's internal scripting

Adlai wrote:

YES, this is Emacs, the same old text editor from the GNU that has
gone through 22.1.1 versions to this current incarnation that I use
right now. I can use the mouse to select text, navigate menus, choose
options, etc -- just like Microsoft Word & co. Heck, search and
replace is child's play for this Emacs -- it can do all the same
search and replace stuff with RegExps too. Put that in NetBeans's pipe
and smoke it!

Well, emacs can't debug Java code, but it's still a fine editor. As for
Paul's, er, rather, Seamus's refusal to awaken from his coma, we've seen this
kind of trollishness before. Don't pay it no never mind.

Look, all we're saying is, Emacs today isn't what Emacs was 30 (?)
years ago. It's the same as with IBM. If somebody who had been in a
coma for 30 years heard that I was using an IBM Thinkpad, he'd
probably envision some sort of "padded" mainframe, not a laptop.

Seamus is apparently one of those who refuses to recognize that a program has
changed and modernized over the years. I predict that you will never get him
to argue about emacs in terms of its modern feature set; instead he'll grip
with white knuckles preconceptions about a version not seen since the
Pleistocene. I do hope I'm wrong, however, and that he will have the decency
at least to discuss the same software that you are. It could happen; I've
been wrong before.


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