Re: Question on Java .form and Eclipse

Andrew Thompson <>
Sun, 3 Aug 2008 21:11:44 -0700 (PDT)
On Aug 4, 1:34 pm, Hongyu <> wrote:

On Aug 2, 5:10 am, Andrew Thompson <> wrote:


Robert van der Waals


By the way, can you tell me what is Dark Side?

Nope, only the person that wrote that could tell you
what was going through its tiny mind as it wrote those
words. You see, I am so popular and influential that
I have one or more impersonators who follow me around
(like little dogs) and bark back whatever I say while
changing occasional words to funny things like 'Dark Side'.

..Is it a java library or
tool or something else? I googled but didn't really get it. Thanks.

My last post to this thread was..

Perhaps that one (in which 'Dark Side' was 'NetBeans')
will make more sense.

In regards to your apology for 'taking so long' to
reply. Do not worry about it - we all expect these
threads to take a while, that is the nature of usenet.
Some threads (conversations) occur over a period of
weeks or months.

BTW - note the stuff after the '--' below?

That is known as a 'sig.' or signature. Note that
the 'sig.' used by my impersonator is usually not
my name, and the URL is wrong. (I've quoted the
sig. they used, above..)

Even if the clueless idiot changes that aspect of
their posts to more closely match my own sig.,
viewing the 'source' of a post will usually reveal
differences in the 'headers' between my real posts
and their fake posts.

Andrew Thompson

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