Re: Doesn't Eclipse support multi-file search? How about "Find Declaration/Definition" in Netbeans?

Eric Sosman <esosman@ieee-dot-org.invalid>
Sun, 12 Jul 2009 13:53:07 -0400
Ramon F Herrera wrote:

I guess I am getting used to Visual Studio, an IDE that I tried to
avoid but finally gave up: Microsoft wins again. :-\

After spending a while doing native C++ development, I am wearing my
Java development hat again.

I have to confess that I miss some features that I took for granted.
Perhaps I am using an old version, or haven't looked carefully.

 - Doesn't Eclipse support multi-file search?

 - Isn't there a way to find the origin of a name (variable, class) in

     With the cursor on the name, right-click and choose
Navigate> and then one of Go to Source, Go to Declaration,
Go to Test, Go to Super Implementation, Inspect Members, or
Inspect Hierarchy. Or right-click and choose Show Javadoc
or Find Usages. (There are keyboard shortcuts for all these
things, if you use them enough to remember the shortcuts.)
Or open the Navigator window and use it to get around. I
guess it comes down to what you mean by "origin."

Eric Sosman

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