Re: Do you suggest me using IDE when I'm learning JAVA

Lew <>
Mon, 03 May 2010 07:54:46 -0400
BGB / cr88192 wrote:

but, one can also choose between, say, Notepad and Notepad++, or throw
VisualStudio into the mix if they want (though usually I don't use VS much
as an editor as it is annoyingly unresponsive, but the debugger is nice,
although I also often use WinDbg, ...).

I was not aware that Visual Studio supported Java development or debugging.


granted, not all IDE's [sic] are equal here, and Eclipse for C++ may be a
particularly bad example...
(Eclipse is a lot better with Java, although it still doesn't seem obvious
how one can plug in their own tools...).

Which tools for Java have you not been able to use readily from Eclipse?

Lew wrote:

What does GIMP have to do with Java?


well, it can edit images, and images are often used in apps, but
photo-editing is typically not supported by IDE's [sic] ...

Red herring.

strict IDE'ism would demand a person not use GIMP because it is not part of
their enshrined "integrated" environment...

IDEs are a tool, not a religion, and "integrated" doesn't mean "universal".

Does VS support image editing?

the same can be said about 3D modellers (although most mainstream 3D
modelers are worse, as they by default package all their data into some
proprietary fileformat and have crap support for more "generic"
fileformats), ... (so, a developer might find themselves resorting to
writing their own 3D modelling and animation tools to resist folding to the
will of Autodesk...).

so, really, it is the same sort of problem...

What are you on about?

likewise if one has customized audio or image processing tools involved as
part of their build, ...



Even Eclipse fans begrudgingly admit that NetBeans has a superb
GUI-generation tool. Which one do you prefer for Java? How does it not
work with an IDE?


well, the point is that one doesn't need the IDE have this tool, as one can
use 3rd party tools and accomplish the same task.

My point isn't that one can't do it outside the IDE, but that one can inside.

so, one can build the collection of tools best suited to their particular

or, they may choose to use an IDE for some parts of a project, and the
command-line for others...

Now you're talking sense!


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