Re: IDE plugin to help null handling

Lew <>
Thu, 17 Sep 2009 09:16:27 -0400
Albert wrote:

Hi, let's say i'm [sic] in my favorite java [sic] IDE, and i [sic] want to use a method or
a field of some object. Wouldn't be cool to have some sort of popup to
show me that the return value of the method or the field is tested
aginst null never/sometimes/always ? I'm saying this idea because i [sic]
don't have time to do a plugin for eclipse [sic] or netbeans [sic], but maybe
someone else does...

What do you think of the idea ?

I think it's already been done, at least partly. Eclipse-based IDEs show
warnings for variables that might be null at a point of dereferencing, but I'm
not sure about method returns, or if NetBeans has the same feature. I also
don't know what you mean by the "return value" of a field or what sort of test
you want the IDE to check for. Have you used FindBugs? I think that covers
whatever you might have in mind.

The word "I" in English is capitalized, as is the trademark "Java" referring
to the computer language.

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