Re: setting classpath relative to source folder

Lew <>
Wed, 09 Feb 2011 18:54:11 -0500
Lew wrote:

You should never, ever, ever, EVER use IDE-specific artifacts to drive your

Tom Anderson wrote:

Again, this is Lew's opinion. Some - me, for example - would say that you
should maintain a single definition of your build (rather than recklessly
duplicating it between IDE and Ant files), and if you're using an IDE, that

I agree with single-definition policy, but not that it should be IDE files.

must be your IDE-specific files. You should, therefore, standardise on a

Wrong. All popular Java IDEs, including Eclipse, use Ant (and Maven, too, for
that matter) just fine.

single IDE, and arrange your build around its metadata. For eclipse, that

Standardize on Ant, and arrange your build around that. Then Eclipse,
NetBeans and the rest will handle it just fine.

metadata is two fairly simple XML files per project, and it's therefore fairly
simple to run builds of Eclipse projects without using Eclipse. If you use
Ant, you may be interested in Ant4Eclipse:

What's wrong with regular Ant?

If you use shell scripts, you may enjoy spending an afternoon writing some to
interpret those files.

What we really need is a standard for build definition files. Ant might do,

It does.

but i don't think it would be a good choice. We could then have all IDEs, plus

Why not?

stand-alone tools, be capable of interpreting these files to carry out a

We already have that capability, using either Ant or Maven. Why reinvent the

build. That we do not already have such a thing demonstrates that, as Joshua

But we *do* already have such a thing! It's called "Ant"!

Maurice mentioned in another thread, "builds is one of the most
under-appreciated aspects of programming".

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