Re: Setting breakpoint on the end of the method in Eclipse

Lew <>
Tue, 08 May 2007 21:03:42 -0400
Patricia Shanahan wrote:

There IS something at the closing brace of a method that can complete
normally. The JVM does not magically intuit the need to pop a stack
frame and jump to the caller's code. It executes a return instruction.

dt wrote:

I suspected so, but I really don't know how JVM works.

Patricia Shanahan wrote:

The fact that Eclipse does implement break on method exit proves that it
can do so. The issue is not one of executable program structure or
virtual machine capability, but of user interface.

NetBeans honors end-of-method breakpoints with just a click in the margin, but
not end-of-block breakpoints. I marked with comments where I set breakpoints
in NetBeans 5.5.1, "honored" if the debugger stopped on it, "not" if it didn't.

public class TestBreaks
   public void breakpointTest() // based on dt's example
     int a = 0;
     while ( a < 100 )
       if ( a == 11 )
         break; // honored
       } // not
     } // not
   } // honored

   public static void main( String [] args )
     new TestBreaks().breakpointTest();
   } // honored


I am curious to find out how NetBeans 6.0 handles breakpoints. It's out in
"preview" and it uses the built-in javac hooks in Java 6,

item 6, re <>,

and the enhanced pluggable annotation processing feature,

ibid., item 7, re <>.


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