Re: Transmitting a non-serializable object

Daniel Pitts <>
Wed, 21 Nov 2007 11:36:29 -0800
Qu0ll wrote:

I have a java.awt.geom.Area object that I need to transmit over the
network but when I try to do so using a ObjectOutputStream and NIO it
complains that the object is not serializable. Which makes sense
(seeing it isn't) but how do I transmit this object? Is there a trick
to it? I tried wrapping it in a serializable object but it didn't like
that either.

Wrapping a non-serializable object in a serializable one is like trying
to attach wheels to a bolted down picnic table and expecting it to roll
easier :-) Anyway, you figured that out on your own.

There is no way to make Area serializable unless you make your own type
of Area that is serializable. Also, any non-transient reference within
  your serializable area class has to be serializable. It becomes a
large mess. My suggestion, if its at all possible, is to instead
serialize the data you need to recreate the Area.

I'm actually surprised that most of the Shape classes aren't
serializable, but there you have it. Either lack of foresight, or
specific design decision. You might open a feature request to sun, but
I doubt it'll get much traction.

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