Re: Top 10 Java Serialization Interview Question

Lew <>
Wed, 27 Apr 2011 08:37:24 -0400
Arved Sandstrom wrote:

Esmond Pitt wrote:

buddy s wrote:

I have shared my experience with Serialization in java in this blog

Evidently you don't actually *have* any worthwhile experience with
Serialization to be of any use to anybody else. Your answers to
questions 3,6,7,9,and 10 contain serious errors and omissions, and the
entire thing is mis-spelt and grammatically incorrect. I wouldn't accept
any of this from an interviewee.

It's also curious that your 'top 10' list contains 13 items. #13 merely
repeats #4.


Even if it were all grammatically correct, and error-free, what's the
value of the post? Zero - there's nothing there that you don't get from
official Sun/Oracle documentation, and the official documentation
doesn't obscure this information.

Some great blogs out there do nothing but rework existing material,
adding no information but vastly improving the organization and
presentation. I'm all for those blogs and articles. This (and others
like it) isn't one of them.

Furthermore, that p*ssy "buddy s" (Javin Paul) didn't even have the cojones to
post my comments to his blog, presumably because they were hardly laudatory.
He's a fraud and a poseur and a coward, and worst of all, no programmer. Fie,
Javin Paul, fie!

No offense to cats, the murderous little demons. I love them.

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