Re: Accessing thread from called class

Chris <>
Sat, 25 Nov 2006 16:14:29 -0600

Do I just implement eg a SendCommand() function (or whatever name you like)
in the ThreadNetworkHandler class and call that?

Yes, that will work. Make sure that you synchronize access to any
variables you're setting, though.

String command;

public synchronized void sendCommand(String command) {
     this.command = command;
private synchronized getCommand() {
     return command;

public void run() {
     // main loop
     while (true) {
         String command = getCommand(); // this is synchronized

Actually, synchronization probably isn't technically required in the
example above (because assigning a String is atomic), but if you're
doing anything more complicated in sendCommand() it's a good idea.

2. Another question on same sort of topic. Should I have one thread for
incoming socket communication stream and another for the outgoing?

Take a look at NIO. Can be helpful when there are many threads and good
performance is required. Not otherwise necessary, though.

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