Re: Accessing thread from called class

"Angus" <>
Sun, 26 Nov 2006 17:39:12 -0000
"Chris" <> wrote in message

Do I just implement eg a SendCommand() function (or whatever name you


in the ThreadNetworkHandler class and call that?

Yes, that will work. Make sure that you synchronize access to any
variables you're setting, though.

String command;

public synchronized void sendCommand(String command) {
     this.command = command;
private synchronized getCommand() {
     return command;

public void run() {
     // main loop
     while (true) {
         String command = getCommand(); // this is synchronized

Actually, synchronization probably isn't technically required in the
example above (because assigning a String is atomic), but if you're
doing anything more complicated in sendCommand() it's a good idea.

2. Another question on same sort of topic. Should I have one thread for
incoming socket communication stream and another for the outgoing?

Take a look at NIO. Can be helpful when there are many threads and good
performance is required. Not otherwise necessary, though.

I have this class:

// class ThreadNetworkhandler
class ThreadNetworkHandler extends Thread
private CubaThread m_Object;
 // Constructor
 ThreadNetworkHandler(CubaThread obj)
 m_Object = obj;

 String command;

 public synchronized void sendCommand(String command)
     this.command = command;
 private synchronized String getCommand()
     return command;

    public void run()
     for (;;)

               String command = getCommand(); // this is synchronized
               m_Object.lst.addItem("You issued: " + command);
    catch(java.lang.InterruptedException e)
    { /* no problem, end of wait */


In my applet I do this:

  t = new ThreadNetworkHandler(this);

Where t is a member variable of type Thread.

But if I do this:

t.sendCommand("My Command\r\n");

I get this error: cannot find symbol
symbol : method sendCommand(java.lang.String)
location: class java.lang.Thread
                  t.sendCommand("My command\r\n");

So how do I call sendCommand?


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